The Flats Fishing Legend

16' Super Skiff Pro

The 16' Super Skiff Pro is the most widely used and respected boat in flats fly fishing today. Designed for long range running in open bays with a severe chop, the hull is a unique combination of deep V (18 degrees) and shallow draft (8"). The Super Skiff was the first boat specifically developed for stalking wary Bonefish on the shallow flats–earning its reputation as the quietest, stealthiest, best poling boat on the planet. There are imitators–but there is only one legend-the Super Skiff Pro.

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Length 15' 10"
Beam 6' 0"
Draft 8"
Deadnse 18"
Max Horsepower 90 HP
Transom Height 20"
Cockpit Depth 16"
Cockpit Size 72"Lx48"Wx12"
Gunnel Width 12"
Dry Weight 600lbs. (500lb. Kevlar)
Useful Load 900lbs. (motor, gear, people)
Occupancy 4 people
Fuel Capacity 27 gal.